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Cash For Junk Cars Houston

The Junk Car Boys first opened for business near the end of 2011. They were founded in the town of Portland, OR by two brothers, Andrew Hahn and Joel Hahn. They grew up in Chicago, IL. Their family was the kind of family that would go through junk car after junk car. What does that mean? Their parents would buy a junk car to drive around until it died. Then they would put the car on the side of the driveway and go buy another junk car to driver around. They didn’t know what to do with the cars once they broke down, or became to expensive to fix.

These childhood memories gave them motivation to get into the cash for cars industry. It’s given them the passion to really want to serve the public this awesome service, and do it with amazing customer service.

“It’s pretty cool to be able to offer a service where we’re paying out money! What business does that? It’s just crazy how quickly industries can emerge, and fail. We are truly blessed to be in a position of getting to help people out on a daily basis.” Andrew Hahn, Owner.

Junk Car Boys, in a short amount of time, have grown into one of the largest junk car buyers in the nation. They have no plans on stopping anytime soon, and personally wants to thank each individual customer that has ever called in to get a quote on their car. Thank you for giving them the opportunity to earn your business.

Thank you so much!

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